Spruce Trees & Trees for Sale in Clearfield, Utah

Beautify your life with the help of LaytonScape Trees, located in Clearfield, Utah. We offer a wide variety of large caliper trees for sale, including spruce trees, pine trees, fir trees, and more.

Tree Canopy, Trees for Sale in Clearfield, UT

Tree's Company

As a tree company specializing in the provision of locally-grown large caliper trees, our selection of beautiful foliage is second to none. We specialize in spruce trees, and offer the following types of spruce trees for sale:

• Colorado Blue & Green
• Hoopsii Dwarf Blue
• Totem Dwarf Blue
• Weeping Norway
• Black Hills
• Riverside
• Wellspire
• Norway


Other Tree Types

We also grow top-quality evergreen and deciduous trees, including the following: 

• Vanderwolf Pine
• Flowering Pear
• Honey Locust
• Green Knight
• Cork Bark Fir
• Bosnian Pine
• Austrian Pine
• Concolor Fir
• Alpine Fir
• Deer Run
• Maple
• Beech
• Aspen

Contact us in Clearfield, Utah, to submit a callback request and find out more about our selection of spruce trees for sale.